Thursday, December 26, 2019

At the moment of the Chinese people celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of china and standing at a new start point "The 31st China (Xinyang) International Conference " was grandly held in Xinyang City, Henan Province, November 26-27. Chairman of the China Building Materials Federation Qiao Longde sent a congratulatory letter for the conference, and Li Zhengjun, deputy mayor of Xinyang Municipal People's Government attended the conference.

On November 26th, "Current Situation and Future Trends in the Development of the International Perlite Industry" was presented by Yavuz Aksu, Senior Sales & Marketing Specialist of Turkish IPM Company, the “Development Strategy of Xintian Shangtianti Non-metallic Ore Industry Development” by Director Liang Yufeng of Xinyang Shangtianti Non-metallic Mine Management Zone, “Overview of China Building Energy Efficiency and Prefabricated Building Development” by Deputy Chief Engineer Qu Hongle of China Building Energy Conservation Association "Development, Production and Application of Steel Wire Frame Perlite Composite Insulation Wall Panels" by Qin Haishan, Chairman of Hebei Huiyuan Building Materials Co., Ltd., Han Fubao Industrial (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Zhongtao's report "Application of Perlite Bed Soil" aroused strong response among the participants. Through those reports everyone had a clear understanding of the development strategy of the non-metallic mineral industry of Shangtianti and  deeper understanding of energy-saving policies, new goals for the integration of the perlite industry and the construction industry, and clear directions for the development and application of new products.

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