About Us

IPM Industries which have carried out significant works since its date of establishment, thanks to its awareness in mining, shipping and food industries and its desire to get better, managed to sustain all business processes successfully up to today.

The group company IPM Industrial Mining S.A., has been operating in mining industry since 1970. With its 14 different perlite ore facility in İzmir / Bergama region and over 400.000 metric tonnes of yearly industrial ore production, it maintains its leading position in global markets.

Dikili Port And Tourism Organisation Trade S.A. which operates in maritime sector, providing facilities of harboring, loading, unloading, security and logistic services to exporter and importer companies with its 750.000 metric tonnes of annual handling capacity.

Korudağ Olive Farm was founded for olive oil production on a 500 acre land with over 20.000 olive trees which includes different species. It is providing healthy products to its domestic and overseas customers using traditional and modern olive oil production lines.