Following the privatization tender for 30 years, released by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in 2013, Dikili Port and Tourism Organisation Trade S.A. was established related with the operational rights of the port. Following the transfer transactions  all the operational building, customs and passenger lounges have been renovated as per ISPS standards.

With its modern cargo handling equipment and professional stevedoring services, the total loading/unloading volume of the port was increased to 750.000 mt. As a result of major investments made in order to serve larger vessels, the length of the dock of Dikili Port was increased to 180 meters and the width up to 15 meters. Deep bottom sweep operations were  carried out twice, together with the Turkish Maritime Organization, and  the sea draft  was deepen  upto  to 9 - 11 meters. The port achieved a capacity to serve ships up to 25.000 mt DWAT.

With three palletized Sennebogen 875 and 825 Shore Cranes  bulk, packed and palletized cargos can be carried easily with a capacity of 500 / 800 mt / hour, depending on the type of the product.

Dikili Port and Tourism Organisation S.A. has a total storage area  of 30.000 M2 and 12.500 square meters of outdoor storage facility, at a distance of just 4 km to the port. One  Volvo L25P rubber-tire transtainer, one Kawasaki transtainer, one Manitou Telescopic transtainer and two Forklifts  are available  in order to provide service  in the storage area. Dikili Port has four-line packaging system and imported fertilizers such as sodium, ammonium sulfate can be packed in the warehouses of the port and  the inland transportation  of the goods is  organized professionally.

Furthermore, Dikili Port offers professional services for cruise tourism during summer season.

Pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations, besides the computer -aided security follow-up programs, closed circuit camera systems, electronical scan and search systems at the passenger's lounge, all working areas of the port are monitored 24 hours at international standards.

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