Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Most of the time a slag is in liquid form, of low viscosity or in powdery form which makes it very difficult to skim. However, due to its high expansion coefficient performance, SLAGPERL makes it possible to gather the slag, rapidly. It easily forms a crusting and can pick out the formed crust layer without breaking it, thus the slag can be removed all at once which reduces time of process, power loss and workers labor intensity.

SLAGPERL can be used together with all types of cast iron, cast steel and high alloy metals. IPM, has the ability to pack “SLAGPERL” in 25 Kg kraft bags, palletized and shrink-wrapped. It is also possible to deliver this product in 40 kg PP bags in bulk.

We commit you a stable quality, remarkable performance and easy storage with SLAGPERL.

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